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The Mesquite Group is a nonprofit corporation formed for the purpose of serving others. We understand the challenges and circumstances that many individuals face today. We're here to serve you with our financial knowledge and experience. We are dedicated to helping you survive and thrive in today's difficult financial climate.

Credit Counseling

Pre-Bankruptcy 1st Certficate

This session is required before filing bankruptcy

You have selected the budget and credit counseling, which is required within 180 days prior to filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection. This session is only for individuals or couples who have not yet filed for bankruptcy.

The online session is a flat rate of $24.00. Telephone sessions are available at $30 per person and $40 per couple.

Debtor's Education Course

Post-Bankruptcy 2nd Certificate

This course is required before a bankruptcy case is discharged

This course is required before a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy case is discharged. This course is only for individuals or couples who have already filed for bankruptcy and have been assigned a bankruptcy case number by the Court.

The online course is $12.50 for each person. Telephone courses are available at $25.00 per person and $40.00 per couple.

Road to Recovery

Rebuilding Credit & Becoming Financially Stable After Bankruptcy

If youve survived bankruptcy and wondered where do I go from here? How do I re-establish my financial life all over again? Will I ever have a good credit score again?

This class is for you&&&.

Do you have creditors still appearing on your credit report that were discharged in your bankruptcy, have creditors calling you about discharged debt, need help developing a spending plan for your income and expenses after bankruptcy, would you like to know how to restore your credit to a 700 credit score with a bankruptcy still on your credit report, need knowledge on how to discard behaviors that placed you in bankruptcy.

This Class Can Help!

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Financial Coaching

Financial Coaching in the comfort of your own home

The Mesquite Group offers one-on-one coaching with highly trained professionals to help you set yourself up for financial success. Our counselors will customize your sessions to meet your needs, whether you need help developing a budget, creating and achieving your financial goals, conquering debt, developing savings plans, and more. Our counselors are passionate about helping you achieve financial stability and success.

Financial Coaching is $45 per session or 3 sessions for $120 (a $15 savings).

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Continuing Education Class

Bankruptcy: What You Need to Know As A Financial Professional

Preapproved via AFCPE and CFC

The Mesquite Group offers a self-paced 1.0 CEU class for financial professionals. The webinar provides participants with an overview of the current statistics concerning consumer bankruptcy in the United States, outlines the bankruptcy process from the client perspective, and xplains the unique challenges facing individuals filing for bankruptcy.

The online CEU course is $40.00. Register Today!